"Shallow Bay Beach, in Cow Head, is the province’s “Best Kept Secret”

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The Attractions that you can take in in the town of Cow Head and surrounding area are quite varied! 

The town and area boast the following:

  • Gros Morne National Park.  Cow Head is in the Northern Section of Gros Morne National Park.  Visitors to the park should visit this area to see the natural and historic beauty that the area has to offer.  

  • Gros Morne Theatre Festival.  This is a mixture of drama and music depicting the culture and life of Newfoundland today and in the past.

  • Dr. Henry N. Payne Community Museum/Craftshop.  Cow Head is home of the longest running museum on the West Coast of Newfoundland Founded as "Tete de vache Museum" in 1975.  It was relocated to the former home of Dr. & Mrs Henry N. Payne (honorary) in June of 1990.  The Museum exhibits a collection of artifacts dating back to the early 19th. century.  For more information please click here.

  • Shallow Bay Beach.  A white sand beach, about 10 km long and open to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Shallow Bay Beach is a great place to swim, take a stroll, or just lay in the sand sunbathing.  If you want quiet and solitude, the beach is a place to be.

  • The Arches.  Just 25 kms North of Cow Head are the Arches.  The Arches are a geological wonder, with the "arches" being formed by the power of the ocean as it carved away at the rock to form a very scenic attraction.

  • Western Pond Boat Tour. Visitors to the area should take in a boat tour and a great one would be the Western Pond Boat Tour.  Just 12 kms south of Cow Head, after a 45 minute walk, this boat tour takes you to Western Brook Fiord, a very majestic site to see and experience.  You can check out Western Pond Boat Tour by visiting the website www.bontours.ca.


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